Green Couriers understands the importance of preserving and protecting the environment in which we operate and are wholly committed to establishing and maintaining an environmental management policy. Environmental sustainability, for Green Couriers, is about making responsible decisions that will reduce our impact on the environment, including reducing the amount of waste we produce and using less energy, ultimately leading towards sustainability in the future and carbon neutrality.  This will be achieved by employing the following processes:

  • Our cargo/push bikes play a huge role in reducing our emissions covering most deliveries around the city centre.

  • Signing up to a carbon neutral offset company whereby we measure our emissions and offset these by sponsoring the planting of new forestry.

  • Monitoring fuel usage, through efficient route planning for our entire fleet, with the aim of minimising empty miles, thereby reducing emissions.

  • Development of a fleet of E Vehicles, which will include E Bikes, E Cars and E Vans, to augment our comprehensive fleet, contributing towards a serious reduction in the use of carbon fuels.

  • All drivers are equipped with electronic PDA devices for the recording of signatures. Communication with customers by email, including invoices, to minimise use of paper and toner.

  • All staff and drivers are made fully aware of our environmental protection goals through education and training and are actively encouraged and motivated to support these goals.

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